Caning position

kasumi1.jpg shows the recipient kneeling in the seat of an armchair, with her body draped over the back of the chair. Hidden from the camera, her hands are touching the floor. Many people would find this extreme head-down position very uncomfortable, as blood gravitates toward the head.

Although her lower body has full support, the muscles of her buttocks are fairly stretched. A Caning in this position would be rather severe, with a high likelihood of splitting the skin.

Her sulcus (crease-line between buttock and thigh) is about 12 inches ( 30 centimetres ) lower than I would prefer. You will notice that I am leaning forward slightly, in the photo. My back muscles are in greater danger than her bottom!

The armchair was vinyl-covered - not a very pleasant material to lay upon completely naked. A towel or blanket under her may improve the tactile sensation.

Eric Carwardine, in Perth, Western Australia

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